This is just about the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a while. Urban Outfitters, a favorite online shop of hipsters and a company that has repeatedly been accused of allegedly stealing designs from independent artists, wants to sell you this totally retro t-shirt that features the logo of AOL. The great news is that anyone looking to wear this kitschy bit of 90’s ephemera can do so for the low, low cost of just $45!

My first question is whether they even have the rights to the image, though that hasn’t stopped them from selling things they didn’t own in the past (allegedly). My second question is, why not charge $95 for it? I figure, anyone dumb enough to pay $45 will probably think it’s TOTALLY worth the extra debit from their parents’ account. My third question is, holy crap! How is AOL still in existence? Seriously, I thought they died out years ago, but they are still a thing. You can check them out at


Source: Fashionablygeek