Let’s start out by thanking Mezco Toyz for their generous prize for April. Congratulations to DoktorAvalanche of Orlando, FL for being the lucky winner.

Now, moving on to this month’s prize we’ve got something really special and unique. Art comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes from the least expected places. The amazing original artwork that we have to offer as a prize today comes from world famous artist: Michael Lee Ford.

Stay tuned to YouBentMyWookie in the next few days because we have a great feature interview on the way with Mike Drake, The Man behind Michael Lee Ford’s new book, “The Isolated Art of Michael Lee Ford.”

Michael Lee Ford is currently in a Texas prison serving a 35 year sentence for a 1989 robbery.
After hearing of the death of his mother in 1996, Michael was inspired to created a sculpture of Christ. Being in prison with no art supplies he followed the immortal words of Theodore Roosevelt who said “Do what you can where you are with what you have” and developed a method of turning newspaper back into paper pulp and then sculpting with it.

Along with his sculpture, Michael has also created an amazing portfolio of drawings and sketches, many of which are captured in the new book of his Artwork: “The Isolated Art of Michael Lee Ford.”

Along with having a tremendous web following, Michael has been featured in Juxtapoz magazine and Tattoo Savage as well as on the television program Outside The Lines.

Prize:This month’s prize is an actual Original Drawing by Michael Lee Ford done while serving his current sentence. This original drawing is also featured in his new book, “The Isolated Art of Michael Lee Ford.”

To win, just answer the following question: What famous prison film featured the song: Plastic Jesus?

*This contest has ended*

THE ISOLATED ART OF MICHAEL LEE FORD Is a fascinating look at the world through the mind’s eye of a man serving 35 years in a Texas prison for a 1989 robbery. Confined to his cell 23 hours a day, he creates art to avoid madness. Featured in the 1999 documentary OUTSIDE THE LINES by Blue Rhino Pictures, and profiled in such magazines as Juxtapoz, Tattoo Savage, Flash, In The Wind, and many others, he even participated in The Living Dead Doll Art Show. Now, for the first time, his drawings have been collected and presented to the public. Peer into his mind…if you dare!
ISBN: 978-1-4357-2041-1