Variety is reporting that one of the most beloved shows of the 1980’s might be making its way back to TV one more time. No, it’s not a remake or a reboot, but an actual reunion show for Moonlighting.

Many people remember the show, starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd as one if the absolute best of the era. Sure, it lagged after the third season when the creators made the two main characters finally get together, but until then, it was funny, clever and filled with more sexual tension than a alter boy class. Many people said there’d never be a reunion, especially with the stars reaching such heights after the show ended, but here’s what Variety had to say:

“The most surprising aspect of this is that Bruce Willis, who went on to become one of the biggest movie stars in the world (still is), has shown definite interest. An insider says, “Bruce is ready to give it a go. He still holds a lot of fondness for the show. As for Cybill, she has never denied the occasional strife of “Moonlighting” (If you recall she became pregnant with twins during the run, a further burden on everybody’s nerves) but always had a healthy respect for Bruce’s talent, charisma and the quality of the series itself.

Cybill and Bruce ran into each other at a deli in Encino recently There were hugs, kissing, teasing; even a couple of misty moments as they reminisced. And, if a “Moonlighting” reunion gets off the ground, there is only one demand both Bruce and Cybill will make — that Caron have creative control. Bringing David and Maddie back to life so many years later will be a daunting task. The stars feel only Caron can get it right.”

Normally, I’d write this off as a blatant money grab by washed up celebs, but that’s clearly not the case with these too. I hope they get back together and show all the crappy TV shows on now how its done.