Summit Entertainment is currently in talks with “28 Weeks Later” director Juan Carlos Fesnadillo to helm the 1992 reboot of “Highlander.” “Fast Five” director Justin Lin was previously attached, but has since dropped out to pursue other “Fast and Furious” films. As it is said, “there can only be one” and more increasingly so it seems as if Fesnadillo will be him.

I can’t say I am familiar with Fresnadillo, but apparently he’s also been attached to direct “The Crow” reboot as well so he is in demand. But the bigger question remains. Do people even want a “Highlander” reboot. Right now there seems to be a fraction among the fan base regarding this.

The original “Highlander” movie came out in 1986 and told the story of a warrior named Connor MacLeod​ (Christopher Lambert), who spent centuries battling other members of his race – who all desire to receive the legendary power granted to the last of their kind.

Its success eventually lead to several sequels as well as both a live-action and animated TV series.

Source: Deadline