In a recent interview had with “300” producer Bernie Goldmann, it was revealed that Gerald Butler and Lena Heady may have small parts in the long awaited “300” sequel. Although this has yet to be confirmed by Warner Bros. Additionally, he reveals that the film could star less recognizable actors:

“When you make a period movie like that, it’s great not to know the actors. For me, as an audience, it always brings me into the movie more. You can’t see Tom Cruise in a historical movie. You go, ‘That’s Tom Cruise!’”

Goldmann went on to talk about the original casting and how no one believed in the movie, didn’t have all the money to pay anybody, and ended up with a cast of unknowns. “300” was never about the actors anyway, so it worked out. It was a visual masterpiece so the real star was the CGI.

Lastly Goldmann talks about the tone of the film:

“The cool thing about 300 was that our point-of-view going into that movie was we don’t have to be historically accurate and we created an incredible amount of freedom in telling a war story. It became a movie about telling the story to the truth before you go fight a battle and when you tell that story, you’re going to exaggerate because you want to get men fired up to go kill. So you could make the movie operatic.”

From the sound of it, fans of “300” can expect a sequel that’s roughly the same. This should make the wait a little bit less painful.

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