Tomorrow, fans all over the world will be celebrating Star Wars Day and Lucasfilm will be doing their part by releasing seven new animated shorts from their Star Wars Forces of Destiny series. If you haven’t seen them, the series has focused heavily on the female and non-human characters within the Star Wars universe and are heavily promoted through a line of Barbie-style dolls on sale from Hasbro. The new episodes promise stories about Hera, Sabine, Amidala, and even a special story about Chewie and the Porgs. Check out the full listing below:

– “Chopper and Friends” – When Chopper enlists a pair of Ewoks to help crew the Ghost, Hera is surprised to discover how resourceful the little warriors are.

– “Monster Misunderstanding” – After a water monster attacks the docks of Naboo, Queen Amidala discovers that poachers have been trying to steal the creature’s baby.

– “Art History” – While on a covert mission to free their people, Sabine and her brother risk everything to destroy an Imperial outpost that has defaced an important Mandalorian monument.

– “Porgs!” – After discovering that porgs have been tearing blue wiring out of the Falcon, Chewbacca goes on a mission to find the blue moss they need for their nest.

– “Perilous Pursuit” – In a dangerous snowspeeder chase across Starkiller Base, Rey and Finn work together to escape relentless snowtroopers.

– “Traps and Tribulations” – Luke and Leia help a pair of Ewoks by resetting their traps to stop a rampaging Gorax.

– “A Disarming Lesson” – During a lightsaber training exercise, Ahsoka encourages Ezra to find his inner strength in order to anticipate her attacks on the fly.

The new episodes should be available on Disney XD and Youtube tomorrow.