X-Men Evolution was a decent series, but the gold standard of Marvel Mutant cartoons is the 1990s X-Men series that ran on Fox Saturday mornings. Now, Disney Plus is going to try and do with that show what they successfully did on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, pick it right back up from where it left off. Like… literally.

The new X-Men animated series will pick up after the original ended, coincidentally in September 1997. The final episode featured Professor Charles Xavier gravely injured in an attack by the mutant-hater Henry Peter Gyrich. Xavier’s only hope for survival is to take Princess Lilandra up on her offer to leave Earth and head to the Shi’ar empire. The X-Men are joined by their rival and Xavier’s best friend, Magneto, to say goodbye to their leader during his final moments on the planet.

The new series will be called X-Men 97, and it’s going to feel like 97 years before we get to see it, because it’s not set to premier until 2023.