Ok, I bag on a lot of sequels and remakes because… well… you know right away that they are going to suck hard. Now I see on MTV.com that Robert Zemekis is seriously talking about the idea of a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Imagine, a chance for us to get another good mash up of Disney and Loony Toons Characters and a chance for Kathleen Turner to look like a woman again!

Here’s what Zemekis has to say:
“Digital tools and performance capture” has him “starting to think about” doing another Roger Rabbit. Of course, Zemeckis didn’t give any more details, only adding that “new idea” has been “buzzing around in my head.”

Sure its sketchy at best, but this is the closest I’ve heard to a good sequel since Robert Downy Jr showed up for the first day of filming on Iron Man 2.