Awesome news of the day for film / art dorks! Mondo makers of cool as shit limited edition art print movie posters are now getting their collection archived by the gang that brings you the Oscars. The Academy announced today that they will be working with the Alamo Drafthouse (Agreat place to see a movie in TX!) To commemorate this event Mondo has gotten poster artist extraordinaire Drew Struzan to do a screenprint for Frankenstein in their Universal Monsters collection. This poster alone is reason to add a daily post on the site and the fact that the poster is commemorating something so awesome is even better!

The release date for this beautiful poster will be announced on their twitter page @MondoNews. In addition to all of this Mondo has launched their website mondoarchive which collects all their posters since 1999. This site is great to just skip arou8nd in and find some amazing art based on your favorite movies!

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Source: slashfilm