Adam Sandler hasn’t been doing a great job of getting people to fork over $15 dollars for a ticket to any of his recent movies, so now it’s time to see if they’ll watch them for free when included in their Netflix subscription.

The first trailer is out for his very first Netflix exclusives film, The Ridiculous 6. The film, which was “cleverly” titled as a play on The Magnificent 7, or possibly the Hateful 8, Stars Sandler as one of six bastard brothers in the old west, trying to save their overly fertile dad.

Joining Sandler for this “laugh fest” is Terry Crews, Jorge Garcia, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider, Luke Wilson, Harvey Keitel, and a host of other celebrities who didn’t have anything better to do (including Vanilla Ice).

You can kill 90 minutes watching this “film” when it debuts on Netflix in December.