When Adi Shankar announced last night that he’d be dropping his latest Bootleg universe film, no one would have guessed the subject matter he landed on, especially given that his previous works were films like Punisher – Dirty Laundry (Starring Thomas Jane), Venom – Truth in Journalism (Directed by Joe Lynch and starring Ryan Kwanten), POWER/RANGERS (starring Katee Sackhoff and James Van Der Beek), and several others, there was no way I wasn’t going to stay up and check this out. Based on that, you’d never expect to see a title like ‘Mister Rogers: War Hero.’ The fictionalized account of America’s favorite neighbor is a little extra special, as today would have been Mister Rogers’ 90th birthday.

“When I was young my heroes had megazords, adamantium claws, and vampire slaying whips. They were spectacular and unlocked my imagination. But after the events of the past few years my heroes have changed, and now anyone who selflessly enriches a child’s life is a hero to me. This entry is a love letter to a man who showed us what being a good neighbor looks like,” – Adi.

Today is Mr. Roger’s 90th Birthday. Happy Birthday Mr. Rogers. You taught us well.