Looks like Adrianne Palicki is swapping in her magic lasso for a bazooka, as Deadline is reporting that she has been cast as Lady Jaye.

Palicki will joing Dwayne Johnson who will play Roadblock, one of the leads in the film that is said to be full of ninjas. It’s unsure how much screen time Palicki will get, but at least now the world will get to see more of her as we’ll never get to see her as Wonder Wonder.

Another bit of news is a rumor that Bruce WIllis might also join the cast and play Joe Colton, the original G.I. Joe. So far as much as I hate to say it, “G.I. Joe 2” sounds as if it’ll be immensely better than the first and I’m kind of interested in how it’ll end up.

Source: Deadline