In a move that’s not a total surprise, but that is still major news, Adult Swim has cut ties with Rick And Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland. Roiland, who co-created the show with Dan Harmon was also the voice of both Rick and Morty on the show. The Network is planning to recast the voices. It is unclear whether they will go for voices that perfectly mimic Roiland’s take on the characters or if they’ll go for something a little different. There is also no plan to cancel the show. Season 7 is currently in production and Adult Swim has committed to the series through season 10.

Roiland is currently preparing for a trial based on domestic violence allegations from 2020. Additionally, several additional inappropriate social media posts have surfaced from the creator, including some that involved underage people.

Along with Rick and Morty, Roiland is also the co-creator and star of Hulu’s Solar Opposites. There is currently no word from the streamer if they will continue working with him, or if they will take a cue from Adult Swim and sever ties.

Roiland’s attorneys plan to fight the allegations against him and had this to say in a statement:

“We also have every expectation that this matter is on course to be dismissed once the District Attorney’s office has completed its methodical review of the evidence.”