At the beginning of the month, we told you about some of the details for the story of the new Akira live action bastardization… I mean reboot. Today, news is coming out that Warner Bros has narrowed down their choices for who they’d like to see in the lead roles of Tetsuo and Kaneda.

First up, we’ve got Tetsuo. The word is that the studio has handed the new script to Robert Pattinson, Andrew Garfield and James McAvoy. Robert Pattinson should not get this role. For all that’s good and holy in this world… no, no, no. While I like Garfield and Macavoy, neither of them really feel right for the part. That said, I have no idea who I would choose for the role.

With a slightly larger pool of potentials, here’s the list of actors who are in the running for Kaneda. Garrett Hedlund, Michael Fassbender, Chris Pine, Justin Timberlake and Joaquin Phoenix.

Hedlund won’t take the role. It makes no sense to put him on another futuristic bike when he’s still got another Tron movie to film. Joaquin Phoenix is too old, unless they really messed with the story. I’m just not sure what to think of the others.

If you had to cast the movie, who would you choose?

Source: Deadline