This post feels like it should be in the WTF category, or that maybe it should include a zingy little… Just kidding at the very end, but no… this is serious. Rumors all over the net are now claiming that the legendary rock group Queen, who has recently parted ways with their current lead singer, are now considering a short list of people to take his place that includes last week’s runner-up from American Idol, Adam Lambert.

Rumors really picked up after what many considered to be an excellent performance at the American Idol Finally where he sang “We are the Champions” with Queen live on stage. Many are saying that the stage performance was akin to an impromptu audition as the band had released their previous lead singer just a few days earlier on the 12th of May.

While there is a ton of love for Lambert right now, he’s not the only one up for the job. According to people in the know, other performers up for the gig include Jeff Scott Soto (formerly of Journey), George Michael (most recently from his private performances in public bathrooms), and Robbie Williams.

Below for your consideration, we have videos of all four stars being considered performing Queen songs. Check out the vids and see who you think would best fill the shoes of Freddy Mercury.