I was really excited the chance to add a new prime time toon to my viewing schedule. Even better, it was being marketed as coming from the talent behind Arrested Development. Imagine my shock and surprise when I turn on the TV at 8:30 and am met face to face with one of the biggest piles of TV crap since Cop Rock.

Well, apparently, I’m not the only one who felt that way. After just two weeks and some very poor ratings, Sit Down, Shut Up is being pulled from the Shot gun seat right after The Simpsons and will now be riding bitch at the rarely acknowledged 7 pm slot.

So what will fill the slot? King of the Hill, the show that Fox has decided not to renew after this season will be heading back to 8:30 where it will run out the rest of its episodes.

Seriously though, what do you expect when the only complimentary review they could find to put in their TV commercial comes from the national Enquirer.