In issue #145 of Archie & Friends, which goes on sale July 14, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Reggie will be mixing it up with the tanned and tattooed cast of the fictional reality hit “The Riverdale Shore.”

The gang will receive “Jersey Shore”-style make overs, and in a sad effort to become reality stars themselves, Reggie and Cheryl transform themselves into “The Complication” and “Snookums.”

According to an Archie Comics rep, Veronica’s parents, Mr. Lodge and Mrs. Lodge, will also get made over “Jersey Shore”-style too.

The idea for the “Jersey Shore”/Riverdale mashup came about because “we have a few ‘Jersey Shore’ fans in the office and the idea got bounced around,” adds the rep. “It was too great to pass up!”

It’s official, “Archie & Friends” have jumped the shark with laser beams attached to their foreheads.

Source: Stylist