Well, he did say he’d be back… didn’t he?

Schwarzenegger’s return to film has been a bit bumpy. The Last Stand was not successful by any stretch of the imagination, though it was a relatively fun movie, if you can get past the absurdity of it. Next up, he’s got Escape Plan with Stallone, but coming up soon, we now know that he’ll be going back to the well with two of his biggest characters.

It was previously announced that he’d be reprising his role of Conan in King Conan… a film that could be really epic, if done well. Now, today is it also being announced that he’ll be putting his red eye and leather jacked back on one more time to reprise his role as a Terminator in the upcoming Terminator 5.

It doesn’t make that much sense, as he’s kind of long in the tooth to play the role of a Terminator, unless they are going to go all Tron Legacy Jeff Bridges on him. It would have made more sense to make him a human who was captured and then used as the basis for the physical design of the Terminators.

Source: Collider