I’ve really been enjoying this season of Arrow. The show has a new energy that it was missing last year, and (aside from the fact that Diggle now looks like Magneto), has been doing a great job of building towards the next spin off: DC Legends of Tomorrow.

If you missed this week’s Arrow/ Flash Crossover, then you should try to grab it on Hulu or on demand. It was a couple of the best episodes of the season for each of the shows.

If you remember the events of Arrow’s season premier, it showed us Oliver standing over a grave. Realistically, there has to be one of 4 people in the grave: Felicity, Thea, Diggle, or Laurel.

I really hope they don’t off Felicity. It would be the most emotionally impactful death for Oliver. After all, he is walking around with an engagement ring for her. Also, they’ve now brought in a new character in Echo Kellum’s Curtis Holt who has now been positioned that he could pretty much take over the position that Felicity was serving on the team.

Killing off Thea would make sense from a story perspective only in reference to Merlin’s threat about what would happen if Thea was hurt.

David Ramsey’s Diggle could be the one to go. After all, he does also work on CBS’s Blue Bloods as the Mayor of New York. On that series he was just re-elected so they might be increasing the size of his role. Also, on Blue Bloods, he’s a paraplegic, so he doesn’t have to do nearly as much running around.

Killing of Laurel… well, I don’t think that many fans would be heart broken if that happened… Especially if it means that we’ll get to see Vixen jump to live action and join the team!

Please, just don’t let it be Felicity Smoak.