It has been several years since the last MIB movie but the fans are still hungry for more. It looks like they’ll be getting it and the producers are packing the film with more stars than ever.

We already know about Will Smith. We are also finding out that Tommy lee Jones and Josh Brolin will both be playing Agent Kay, but from Different timelines.

Why multiple timelines? Well, the main bad guy, Yaz, not to be confused with the herpes medication, and who is being played by Jemaine Clement (Flight of The Conchords). Is a time traveling space biker.

Now we have word that Alec Baldwin is in negotiations for the role of Agent Ex – the head of MIB in the 1960’s. Sharlto Copely (District 9, A-Team) is in talks to play the alien leader, Lama. Nicole Sherzinger is allegedly playing Yaz’s girlfriend, Devil Girl. Finally we’ve got Gemma Arterton, but we honestly have no idea who she’ll be playing.

What do you think? Is this enough to get you excited about MIB3?

Source: Hitfix