It seems like Summit has their hands full this year with not only “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” but also “Astro Boy,” their new animated feature. Summit and Imagi entertainment just debuted their new trailer at their panel today and despite it being a rough cut, it was amazing!

Like any origin story the trailer begins with with the creation of Astro Boy as we see him come to life. We are introduced to some of the new characters created for the film and some familiar robots from the manga. There’s a chase scene and a some quick cuts of Astro Boy battling robots. The trailer ends with machine guns coming out of his butt… “I’ve got machine guns… in my butt?!”

And for those wondering why Astro Boy is wearing clothes, we do get to see him shirtless in shorts eventually — no doubt a nice homage to his classic and more iconic look.

Again, the trailer is a rough cut made just for SDCC, and a more polished and complete trailer is expected to hit theaters very soon.

“Astro Boy” is set to blast into theaters October 23, 2009.