It’s been over a decade since Joe Cornish made a cult classic film about an alien invasion at in the London projects with John Boyega, Nick Frost, and Jodie Whittaker and fans have been clamoring for a sequel ever since.

The subject of an Attack The Block sequel came up during a recent interview with Cornish and Deadline while discussing his upcoming Netflix Ghosthunting series, Lockwood & Co. Here’s what the director had to say:

“It took a very long time between Attack the Block and my second movie so I’m trying to be a bit more focused on keeping other projects in development while I make stuff,” he said. “The first Attack the Block was made in complete secrecy so we had time to make it as good as it needed to be. We’re now in the middle of that process.

“John and I have a really detailed outline and are doing the research to figure out the reality that we then merge with sci-fi fantasy. We go out in the real world with brilliant researchers and find people whose lives intersect with those characters to get the detail and realism. It’s a co-production and we’re going to take our time to get it exactly right.”

If you’ve never seen Attack The Block, check it out below or just head over to Tubi and Watch it right now for free!