The big question that MCU fans are asking this morning isn’t about who will die in Avengers: Endgame, but when is the safest time to duck out of the theater and take a whizz. We’ll be seeing the film this evening, so we don’t know for sure, but sites like Collider and Cnet have already come out with their in-depth bathroom analyses. The bad news is that there is really no great time for a pee break during the film. The better news is that there does seem to be 3-4 spots in the film where you can duck out for a minute and not ruin your viewing experience.

According to Collider, the best time to pee is around 55 minutes in:
About 55 minutes or so into the movie, there’s a scene in the rain in Tokyo. You’ve seen it in the trailer. When it starts raining, that’s your moment. You’ve got about five minutes to make it back. If you don’t see this scene, you’ll be able to figure out what happens in it. It’s not a bad scene, but it’s just your best opportunity to use the restroom.

Cnet doesn’t mention this moment, but they do list a few other times when you might want to consider a bathroom break:

– When the San Francisco title card comes on screen
If you made the crucial mistake of not peeing before the film, you won’t miss much if you duck out now. This Ant-Man segment is about 30 minutes into the film and is mostly just Scott connecting dots the audience already knows.

– When Hulk is having lunch
This scene is just over an hour into the film, and while it’s amusing, missing it isn’t a dealbreaker (in fact, you may escape some cringe-y silly moments). The next 10 to 15 minutes after this scene is the safest window to empty your bladder.

– When the New Jersey title card comes on screen
We repeat, there are no good spots to pee during the last hour of this film. So if your bladder’s at the end of its rope, pee now! This segment is your last decent opportunity for a bathroom break. While it’s filled with nostalgia, you won’t be missing any real conflict and it’s fairly easy to fill in the blanks. Plus, if you pee fast enough, you’ll probably catch the tail-end of the segment.