This might be the first action game on I might really enjoy on the iPad. Watching this trailer is a huge step forward. I’m not sure of how much of this is game play and how much is cut scenes, but I’ve been itching for a game that lets me do something other than kill pigs or shoot zombies. The Avengers Initiative could be an interesting turning point in mobile gaming. Now I’m just wondering how hard it will be to control.

Official video description:
**Available on Select iOS and Android Devices**

Watch the official launch trailer for the first installment of Marvel’s biggest cross-over mobile gaming event yet: “Avengers Initiative.” Level up, gear up, and fight as Hulk in the first adventure of an episodic series built exclusively for touch screen devices.

Track down and defeat some of the world’s most notorious villains like Wendigo, Abomination, Kronan, and the Skrulls, and help the Avengers pull the world back from the brink of catastrophe.