Tim King’s Batman run will go down in history for a lot of things, but one of those things seems to be killing off people close to Batman, and then bringing them back. So far, he’s already killed and brought back both Tim Drake and Jason Todd, but now he’s cutting Bruce Wayne deep with the loss of one os his oldest and most trusted allies.

After being warned that if any member of the Batfamily returns to Gotham that Bane will kill Alfred Pennyworth, Damian Wayne eventually finds his way back into the city. After fighting his grandfather, Thomas Wayne/ Flashpoint Batman, and losing, Damian wakes up, tied to a chair face to face with Bane as he snaps the neck of the man who raised Bruce Wayne since the time his parents were murdered.

It’s a bold move, and pretty brutal, but we’d be surprised if it’s final. Along with King’s love of temporary deaths in this run, Alfred is still alive and kicking in several other bat-books, including Doomsday clock.

Source: CBM