Take a sneak peak at all the new bonus costumes available for the much anticipated “Batman: Arkham Asylum” sequel “Batman: Arkham City.” And here I thought I’d be content with just having Catwoman and Robin in the game. These new costumes which hare not in-game, but bonuses which can be obtained in various ways include:

– Batman Beyond (Pre-order Batman: Arkham City from GameStop.co.uk or MightyApe)
– The Dark Knight Returns (Purchase the Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition from any store)
– Earth One (Purchase the Batman: Arkham City from MightyApe)
– 1970s’ Batman (Pre-order Batman: Arkham City from ShopTo.net (UK) or Toys R Us (USA))
– Batman: The Animated Series (Purchase the Batman: Arkham City from MightyApe.)

Source: Arkham City

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