For a lot of fans, there’s only one Batman, Kevin Conroy. The actor has been voicing the roll for a quarter century and is an integral part of why Batman: The Animated Series was such a hit. In a recent interview with IGN, to promote The Killing Joke, Conroy spoke about his take on the portrayal of the world’s greatest detective Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

He doesn’t come out as against all other takes on the actor. He’s actually quite open to how different people have approached the role of Batman.

“I think it’s really interesting to see different actors in the role, to see what they bring to the character. I liked Michael Keaton and I like what Ben Affleck is doing with it now. But they couldn’t be more different. It’s just the same with the Joker. When I started working with Mark Hammill I thought no one would ever nail the Joker better than Mark Hamill, and then I saw Heath Ledger, and he knocked it out of the park in just a different way.

There are so many valid ways of playing a role. It’s really fun to watch different actors do it. So I thought it was a really interesting choice that WB made to have different actors do the live-action character.”

Where he draws the line however, is the same place where many of the fans do. For Conroy, it’s always been a vital part of the character that Batman Does Not Kill.

“In the most recent live action movie, that seems to have been a line that was crossed and it’s not one I’m particularly comfortable with.”

Not killing has always been an interesting facet of Batman’s personality. It’s also what has created the hero/ villain relationships that has driven the comic book, animated series, and movies. If you kill the bad guy, you can’t bring them back. Also, if defeating the bad guy is as easy as shooting or blowing them up, what’s the point?

Source: IGN