One of the places that Warner Bros has excelled is in their animated adaptation of comic stories. This year we are set for our own animated adaptation of the Batman Hush storyline and the voice cast has just been announced. Unfortunately, the roles at the voice cast are playing has not been announced, but it’s hard to imagine them changing the parts of some of the more familiar players. Here’s what we know and who we think they are playing:

– Jason O’Mara – Batman
– Jerry O’Connell – Currently voicing Superman in the Death of Superman film
– Tara Strong – Obviously Harley Quinn
– Rainn Wilson – Currently voicing Lex Luthor in Death of Superman
– Bruce Thomas – IMDB has him listed as Commissioner Gordon
– Vanessa Williams – Recently played Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Beyond that, nothing else has been announced. We are sure that news will be coming soon, and hopefully, a trailer will follow shortly after that.

When it does, we’ll have all the news for you, right here!