You almost have to feel bad for the guys over at Warner Bros for the problems they are having with the DCEU. Marvel and even the CWDC universe made it look downright easy, but it seems like they are having nothing but heartache. While fans cautiously await the release of Wonder Woman, the upcoming Batman solo film is stealing a lot of the headlines. A couple months ago it was reported that Be Affleck was taking his time to make sure he got the story for his solo film just right. Then, last month, he dropped out as director, while staying on board as both star and producer. Now, it’s being announced that the film is probably going to get either major script revisions if not a complete new story.

A big part of this is because that’s just what happens when a new director comes on board (it looks like Planet of the Apes’ Matt Reeves is currently the frontrunner). then there’s ate fact that Batman isn’t the easiest character to get right. There have been great Batman stories before, but there have been so many films that you have to be careful not to come to close to anyone else’s storyline or style. I don’t envy whoever gets the gig. Ideally, there’d be 15-20 years before they tried to make him again. It’s almost a shame that they can’t jump right into Batman Beyond. That’s a film that I’d love to see.

From Forbes:
How extensive the process will be — I’m hearing anything from “major rewrites” to “a completely new script,” including starting from scratch on the story if that’s what it takes — is unclear, not just to us but probably to those involved as well, since the new filmmaker might look at the story and script and decide there’s plenty to salvage that appeals to them. Once the director is in place, more will become clear, but for now Warner Bros. is suffering far more negative perceptions than they need to, simply because of the attempt to slow and control the spread of information.

Source: Forbes