Comic Book Resources is reporting that “Batman: The Animated Series” writer Paul Dini, has joined the writing staff of Disney XD’s “Ultimate Spider-Man” animated series. Paul Dini works primarily as writer and producer in the television and comic book industries. In short, the man’s a legend and near Godlike with almost every project he touches. While he is best known for his work on “Batman: The Animated Series” he has also done work for “Star Wars: Ewoks,” “Tiny Toon Adventures,” “Superman: The Animated Series,” “Batman Beyond” and more. So believe us when we say we’re extremely excited to hear that he’ll be on board writing “Ultimate Spider-Man.”

Other notable names involved with “Ultimate Spider-Man” include: Duncan Rolueau, Joe Case, Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle and Ultimate Universe creator, the one and only Brian Michael Bendis.

This is an insanely talented bunch and no doubt expectations for the series will be high come 2011 when the series plans to air.

Source: CBR