Another day, another new fan-made Batman short. “Batman: The Line” is a 13 minute film that explores ethics of being a superhero. Directed by James Tripson, the short stars Jason Kimble, Jared Olstad, and Henry Tripson. The acting is a bit wonky, but the script is fantastic and epitomizes what it means to not just be Batman. There’s a thin line between being a hero and a villain and it only takes so much before you cross it.

Here’s what Tripson had to say about his project:

In the wake of a known criminal’s death and the unknown cause, questions are asked. Jason Todd, the second to don the mantel of Robin, begins a conversation that explores the boundaries and ethics of his mentor, BATMAN.

BATMAN The Line is a fan film by Henry James Tripson. It stars Jason Kimble, Jared Olstad, and Henry Tripson, with original music by Chase Bercier. It is a respectful and original story meant to take place after the events found within the comic books of BATMAN #424 & 425.

This film has been a Featured Selection at the following Film Festivals.
The Superman Celebration Fan Film Competition
The GEEK FILM FESTIVAL at Florida Supercon
The Renovation Independent/Fan Film Festival

It will also be a Featured Selection at the upcoming Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival on October 8th 2011.

For further information and updates, go to the official blog of the fan film.