To say reviews of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are mixed, is an understatement. However, even a 29% score on Rotten Tomatoes couldn’t stop the film from banking $420.1 million for it’s opening weekend. There’s just a couple problems with that number. First, it’s a revision of their initial estimate, that would have made them a record breaking release (The revision down from $424.1 million placed them just behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2). Second is the big problem. The reason that they missed their estimate is because it now looks like Batman v Superman has set the worst Friday-to-Sunday domestic box office drop rate for a superhero movie ever.

Forbes is reporting that BvS’ box office numbers started at $80 million on Friday, but then fell as low as $37 million on Sunday. That’s a 55% drop. However, to give you a comparison, Fantastic Four dropped 48%.

It will be interesting to see how this effects the final tally for the film… and how that in turn, impacts the direction of the rest of the DC Film Universe.

Source: Collider