Tomorrow’s Warner Bros panel is going to have some big questions hanging over its head due to some new industry reports hitting the net today. One one side, you’ve got the report from THR that says Joss Whedon’s reshoots of Zak Snyder’s Justice League are much bigger than previously thought (on par with the reshoots that took place for Fantastic Four and Star Wars: Rogue One), an then there’s the news about Batman.

In another report, also from THR, says that sources inside the studio are quietly working to usher Ben Affleck out of the role and then figure out a new direction for the character. This means that there’s a good chance Affleck won’t be in the cape and cowl when the as of yet undated and unwritten Matt Reeves Batman movie is made, and that the last time we’ll see him in as the world’s greatest detective may actually be in the second Justice League chapter.

It’ll be interesting to see if anyone asks about it at Saturday’s Hall H Panel. If they do, we’ll have it for you right here!