If you saw Saturday Night Live this past weekend, you might have noticed a rare sensation sweeping over your body… it’s called laughter. The show, which generally reserves its moments of humor for Justin Timberlake appearances and Andy Samberg Digital Shorts, put out a show that actually had a decent amount of funny in it.

The reason for the funny? None other than Betty White. Her combination of real comedic timing, charm, and a mouth like a trucker was even able to make Magruber funny… no small feat.

Now here’s the funny thing, according to Cynopsis.com Betty’s appearance on the show was the highest rated episode in 18 months. Pretty impressive when you consider that she was already a senior citizen when the show’s target audience were still zygotes.

Ironically, according to Cynopsis, the last time SNL had ratings this high was on Nov, 1 2008, when John McCain appeared on the show. Amazing how the only thing that keeps the show from failing is white hair.

In case you missed it or want to see it again, Here is Betty White: