Great News! After years of waiting, Bill and Ted 3 looks like it could really be happening. Word has come down in the last couple of hours that they’ve hired a director for the film. Even better, they hired one that doesn’t suck. A lot of people were hoping that Alex Winter would get the helm for the movie, but this is not a bad consolation prize. The director will be Dean Parisot. You may know him from his work on another great film, Galaxy Quest. The script, which we’ve previously reported was written by Solomon and Matheson is neither a reboot or a remake and both Keanu Reeves (Ted Theodore Logan) and Alex Winter (Bill S. Preston, Esq.) are set to reprise their roles.

The film will pick up with Bill and Ted in the present and where they are in their lives now.

Now that they’ve got the director set, it doesn’t mean that we will be seeing Bill and Ted 3 any time soon. First, Parisot is set to shoot Red 2 next spring. That means that it will probably be next summer or fall before Bill and Ted return to the set.

Now that just leaves one major question. With George Carlin dead, what are they going to do about Rufus?