Variety is reporting that when Fox presents their schedule on Monday to the media for the next 52 weeks, Bones and Dollhouse will be returning to the line-up. Their goal was to create a line up that matched the stability of returning shows with the aggressiveness of new programming.

“Given everything we’ve been told, this isn’t a year to go completely nuts (with your schedule),” Beckman told Daily Variety. “People are looking for stability, familiarity. The more the buyers know what they’re going to get, the better off we’re all going to be. There might be things on our schedule that surprise some people, and things on the other networks, but nothing insane.”
More than one option

Bones, which wasn’t even secured for this season as of last Friday is now locked into a two year deal promising that we’ll see at least seven seasons of Booth and bones.

Dollhouse will be returning to the death slot on Friday nights, but without Sarah Connor Chronicles to usher it in, I am hoping that they pair it up with the comic book based “Human Target.”

In other news, those looking for a little something different in the reality TV genre, Fox is planning to launch “More To Love,” which is also being called The Bachelor for fat people.