In what is possibly the best news of the day, “X-Men: The Last Stand” director Brett Ratner has officially stated that he is not interested in returning to direct any X-Men film franchise.

Ratner spoke recently to MTV News saying, “The thing with the ‘X-Men’ universe is, I feel like I’ve already done it.”

Ratner who is the director currently slated to helm “Youngblood,” also insists that he’d go after certain projects only if the script is up to par. “Certain things I would go after, and certain things only if the script is great.”

While Ratner has no interest in directing a possible X-Men 4, he is interested however in the oft-mentioned “X-Men Origins: Magneto” and “X-Men: First Class.”

“I heard a rumor that they were going to do a young ‘X-Men,’ which would be great,” he said of “First Class.” “I would love to see a ‘Magneto’ movie personally, because I love the Holocaust backstory. I’d love to see a ‘Storm’ movie, too.”

Source: MTV Splash