Let me start out by saying that I like Bryan Fuller and I am a huge fan of Guillermo Del Toro, but this is an affront to all that’s good and holy.

Bryan Fuller is currently working on creating a modern day Reboot of “The Munsters.” You might remember Fuller from the critical success, but ratings flop, “Pushing Daisies.” He also was a driving force behind NBC’s “Heroes.”

Now, not only has Munsters been rebooted at least once already, but it looks like Fuller wants to do some real damage to the original concept. Sources are referring to the show’s vibe as:

“Modern Family meets True Blood”

There’s no word on what Del Toro will be doing, but word is that it will be some sort of behind the scenes role.

On a final note… there is no one living or dead who could ever fill the dress of Yvonne DiCarlo.

Now, here’s what the original Munsters were like in the good ole days:

Source: EW