Variety is reporting that WB just closed a deal to have Bryan Singer produce and possibly direct a remake of the 1980’s classic, Excalibur. This is not the only remake Singer has in the pipeline as he’s also preparing to direct a remake of “Jack the Giant Killer.”

“Excalibur” is the quintessential myth-of-King-Arthur film, complete with the enchanted sword, the Knights of the Round Table, Merlyn the wizard and the quest for the Holy Grail to save Arthur’s life. The original film was directed by John Boorman and adapted from the Thomas Malory book by Rospo Pallenberg and Boorman.

Boorman’s film broke talent such as Helen Mirren (who played the evil Morgana) and Liam Neeson (Sir Gawain) as well as Gabriel Byrne, Patrick Stewart and Ciaran Hinds. WB had some of the rights as a library title; the rest were secured from Boorman.

Don’t think that just because he’s working on these remakes that he willnever come back to the X-Men. According to some sources, he’s still toying with the idea of directing Josh Schwartz’s X-Men; First Class movie.