It’s been previously reported that Marvel has tapped Guardians of the Galaxy writer Nicole Perlman and Inside Out writer Meg LeFauve write the script for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. But what most people didn’t know until now is that there was actually some Captain Marvel footage shot for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

It turns out that she was actually in an early draft of the script, but Kevin Feige explained why Captain Marvel was pulled.

“[Captain Marvel] was in a draft. But to me, it would have done that character a disservice, to meet her fully formed, in a costume and part of the Avengers already when 99% of the audience would go, ‘Who is that?’ It’s just not the way we’ve done it before.”

Still, there was a plan to include her in the film by way of cameo.

“The way we reveal Scarlet Witch [in costume] at the end of the movie? Those were Captain Marvel plate shots. Joss said, ‘We’ll cast her later!’ And I said, ‘Yeah Joss, we’ll cast her later.’ [Whispers to an invisible associate who isn’t Joss] ‘We’re not putting her in there!’”

Source: Collider