The first teaser for PIXAR’s Cars 3 scared the crap out of a bunch of kids. The second looked like it was the load screen for a video game based on the Fast and Furious franchise. Now, a new extended version of the first one is out and it has a ton of new footage and some more hints at the story line.

We’re looking at the new and shiny versus older and wiser challenge. It feels like a smaller and more focused story than Cars 2, which is something we can all feel happy about. Overall, it feels like they are trying to give the film the appearance of a grittier tone, but I’m not buying it. Mater is going to be there. You know he will. There’s nothing gritty about Mater. That’s not a bad thing, I just would like to see a bit more of what I’m betting is the actual tone of the film start to come through in the marketing.