According to Variety, Cartoon Network is going to be making some big changes in their programming. Much like the young boys who grew up on the network’s programming, the channel has matured. There’s hair where there wasn’t any before, their voices are a little bit deeper and they are starting to get some funny urges. That’s right, Cartoon Network has entered puberty.

Word is that the network will be expanding the scope of the brand to include more live action shows and even some reality shows. The goal is to shift form being a kiddie channel and move towards becoming a “dominant youth culture brand”… like lunchables.

Among some of the live action fare we can expect to see is another Ben 10 Movie, and a reality program called “My Dad’s a Pro” which features the lives of of the children of NBA Players.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up like Adult Swim where they knock off quality toons in favor of crap like Delocated.