The news going back and forth about whether we will have a Zombieland sequel or TV show has been so back and forth that fans are starting to get whiplash… at least until the recent news that neither was going to happen any time soon.

Well, it turns out that the rumors of the show’s demise might be a load of crap. Rumors of a TV show first popped up in 2011 at CBS, now we are getting some leaked news that the casting call has gone out!

News of the leak comes from i09, who got to see some of the pilot script that is being used for casting. They are saying that fans of the movie are going to have to get used to a slightly different take on the characters.

Here is the basic idea for the pilot:
The pilot story finds Columbus tracking down his grandma and grandpa, only to find that they’ve already been turned. He is also still after the heart of Wichita (Stone), who is revealed to have run away from her father after he had her steal other people’s Christmas presents.

Here is how they describe the main characters for the show:

Tallahasse (Originally played by Woody Harrelson)
Still a bit of a “snarky weirdo,” but the TV iteration of the character has a more genial relationship with Columbus (Eisenberg) than he does in the film.

Witchita (Originally played by Emma Stone)
Still taking on a maternal role with regards to Little Rock (Breslin), trying to teach her math and such in the post-apocalyptic world. Little Rock doesn’t appear to do much in the pilot, but we do apparently learn a bit more about her relationship with her father as well.

There was also mention of two new characters named Fred and Ainsley who are office workers still griping about first world problems in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Source: Collider