With the success of BBC’s “Sherlock,” CBS has greenlighted a pilot for their own spin on a modern day Sherlock Holmes.

CBS is moving quickly ahead with its own retelling of the famous detective, tentatively titled “Elementary.” The project will be a modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes told in the setting of modern day New York City. Because apparently doing it in any other city wouldn’t work.

Sarah Timberman, known for her work on “A Gifted Man” and “Unforgettable,” and Carl Beverly have been lined up as executive producers on the project.

CBS is hoping to capture ride the wave of the renewed interest in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic character after the recent films and the BBC “Sherlock,” which concluded its second season with some of its highest ratings ever.

While pessimists and realistic understand that it probably won’t live up to the well crafted and acted BBC series, the truth is CBS will be happy to just have another solid show that could potentially replace the aging “CSI” franchise.

Source: TV Shark