I like Chris Evans, and not just because we came out of the same high school (Lincoln Sudbury Rocks!). I think he’s a good actor, that remains highly underrated. If you haven’t seen Snowpiercer or Puncture, you are missing out. He’s more than just a dude in a mask. This guy has a long career ahead of him.

With the recent release of the trailer for The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise, it’s no surprise that the floodgates are starting to open on the classic movie monsters. In fact, Universal is building an entire Monster universe that will grow to include Dracula, Frankenstein, and others. If you noticed Russell Crowe in the Mummy trailer, you might be surprised to hear that he’s actually playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Crowe isn’t the only Jekyll on the horizon. It’s now being reported that Deadline is working on a film adaptation of the Jekyll BBC series, that will star Chris Evans and be directed by Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer.

In the end, there are two Jekyll’s on the way: Russell Crowe and Chris Evans. Between the two, I think Evans’ take could be more interesting.

Here’s the synopsis for the BBC series:
Adapted from the famous novel by Robert Louis Stephenson, this contemporary thriller follows Dr. Tom Jackman as he uses an array of modern technlogy in an increasingly desperate attempt to hold at bay a deadly foe: Mr. Hyde, his savage and ruthless alter ego. Although they time-share the same body, Mr. Hyde is significantly stronger and faster than Tom — and his strength is still growing. The stakes get even higher when Hyde learns of the existence of Tom’s beautiful wife, Claire, and their two children, whom he uses as pawns in his power play against Tom. The doctor relies heavily on his assistant, psychiatric nurse Katherine Reimer, to help him somehow keep Hyde in check. Peter Syme is Tom’s best friend, Miranda Callendar is a private eye who stumbles onto Tom’s bizarre double life, and Benjamin is an American overseeing a mission to overtake and capture Hyde.