Who’s says the UK can’t have anything nice? Doctor Who fans in the UK will be getting a special treat very soon in the form of The Doctor Who Experience.

This Who-tastic exhibit will be set at London’s Olympia 2, and is said to be an interactive journey through the history of Doctor Who, both as a look at the evolution of the television show since 1963, and also an in-universe look at the history of the Doctor and his TARDIS.

But that’s not all, remember the interactive part? For 90 minutes of the exhibition, you are setup as one of the Doctor’s companions following a scripted adventure. It will feature special visual effects and creatures and even a trip inside the TARDIS!! If you’re not a fan of the Matt Smith, the eleventh incarnation of the good Doctor you may be disappointed however, because he will be your Doctor in this interactive experience.

Exhibition wise, all of the original Doctor costumes will be on display, Tom Baker‘s TARDIS police box will be there, i addition to two additional TARDIS interior sets from the eras of Peter Davison (the fifth Doctor) and David Tennant (the tenth doctor).

Currently the Doctor Who Experience is set only for the UK with no news as to whether we might see something similar here in the United States. *insert sad face*

Source: doctorwhoexperience