THR is reporting that Adams and his Continuity Studios have signed with ICM for representation in all areas.

The agency will work to take Adams’ creations across all forms of media as well as help him make the transition to feature film writing and directing. In that latter fashion, Adams would follow artists-turned-helmers such as John Cassaday, who directed an episode of Fox TV series “Dollhouse,” and Frank Miller, who helmed “Sin City” and “The Spirit.”

Neal has been making his mark on comics for a long time in the 60’s and 70’s through books like Uncanny X Men and Green Lantern and Green Arrow. During his stint on Batman he even co-created Ra’s Al Ghul… trust me, he was way cooler in the comics than in Batman Begins.

My biggest hope is that with this new deal, we will finally see a Bucky o’Hare Movie!