There’s been a lot of confusion as to why Edgar Wright left his gig as the director of Marvel’s Ant Man. After all, he’d been working on the film since 2006 and had co-wrote the movie with Joe Cornish. Now THR is reporting that it all came down to script changes.

According to sources, Wright had been willing to make revisions earlier in the process. But the new rewrites took place without Wright’s input, and when he received Marvel’s new version early during the week of May 19, he walked, prompting a joint statement announcing his exit “due to differences in their visions of the film.”

I’m still really confused. I mean, sure, Wright’s humor is a bit more quirky than Marvel usually goes for, and his last big movie (Scott Pilgrim) didn’t exactly burn up the box office, but even Kevin Feige said last year that Wright was the only reason the movie was even getting made.

Source: THR