YBMW Exclusive: After speaking with representatives for Adam Harris, we can now report the status of Adam Harris and “Superman: The Man Of Steel.”

After speaking with sources within his management team, we can tell you that Adam M. Harris has gone through not just one, but two levels of auditions for Zack Snyder’s “Superman: The Man of Steel.”

This comes after several online sources have mentioned Harris as being rumored to be up for the part in conjunction with auditions for a role that Lindsay Lohan is seeking.

Our sources at his agency could not confirm whether he had in fact attended an audition with Lindsay Lohan or if there rumors were true that she might be up for a secondary villain role.

Our guess is that if she is up for a role, it isn’t as a second villain, but for a character similar to Eve Teschmacher in the original Superman film from 1978.