After months of rumors and speculation, THR is reporting that Guardians of The Galaxy Vol1/2 director, James Gunn has indeed gone over to WB and will be directing Suicide Squad 2. The film is being slated as a reboot and Gunn will tackle the script for the film as well as directing. How much of a reboot isn’t yet known. It would not be surprising if Margot Robbie and possibly Will Smith are asked to return, but you can bet that the rest of the team is definitely going to be replaced.

Given his work on GOTG, a movie about a rag-tag team of outcasts, coming together for a greater cause seems right up his alley, if not a little bit too on the nose. Then again, Warner Bros did bring in the director of The Avengers to try and fix Justice League… That being said, we have much higher hopes for Gunn’s first DCEU outing. The film is currently slated for an August 2021 release date. Now the only question to answer is roles will Gunn be hiring Michael Rooker, David Bautista, and Nathan Fillion to play?